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About the program

System for meter reading of water, electricity and district heating meters.

Used today by MälarEnergi, Tekniska Verken & Gotlands Energi.

MProtocol can be linked to several different charging systems.


The PC program works against an MS SQL database on either a server on the network or locally against MS SQLExpress.

The PC program manages work orders that are divided into areas and packs.

The PC program retrieves meter data/work orders from the billing system or component register.

Send meter data/work orders to PocketPC locally via cable or over the Internet to Android

Retrieve meter data/work orders from PocketPC or from Android after processing in the field

Reporting back of treated meters to billing system alt. component register

Possible uses:

  • Plant register – for inspection, surveying, design, etc.
  • Order management
  • Booking system
  • Document management