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How we work

Environmental policy

SIB works actively to develop computer systems while maintaining a high level of environmental awareness and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Action plan

We have drawn up an action plan based on our objectives. The action plan covers the following:

Sorting waste at source We sort our waste at source and leave paper for recycling.

Energy saving measures An established goal is to increase the use of computers and adequate software to reduce the use of paper to disseminate information to staff, customers and suppliers. The company uses low-energy lamps in de-lighting fixtures wherever possible.

Environmentally friendly purchases An established goal is to always consider environmental aspects when purchasing products used in the business, ranging from vehicles and fuels. to copy paper and pens. This has led to a shift towards more environmentally friendly products. Compliance with the requirements is a must and is discussed at the staff meetings once a month.

Environmental requirements for our products and services The products and services we market should be made from recyclable materials or from recycled materials, where possible. One of the company's objectives is to remove from its operations products that are not manufactured in an environmentally friendly way or that contain environmentally hazardous substances.

Environmental requirements for our suppliers One of the company's environmental objectives is to influence our main suppliers to always consider environmental aspects in their production and operations.

Using the best possible fuel and reducing fuel consumption One of the environmental objectives set for the activity provides for the best possible fuel and requires measures to reduce fuel consumption.

Environmental information for employees, customers and suppliers All employees in the business should be aware of the company's environmental objectives. This is regularly followed up at monthly staff meetings where new information is also provided. Through oral and written communication, our customers are informed about our ongoing environmental work. We have an ongoing dialog with our suppliers on environmental improvement measures.


The challenge

  • Reducing paperwork
  • Achieve business insights from complex data
  • Minimize data collection errors
  • Streamlining processes
  • Engage service and maintenance staff
  • Challenging traditional ways of working to gain competitive advantage

The solution

  • Processes: Map, challenge and streamline existing processes
  • Hardware: Ensure the selection of a handheld computer that meets requirements for ergonomics, communication capabilities, technology, etc.
  • Software: As a customer of the SIB, we offer both general programs as well as newly developed ones. Highest focus on user-friendliness and business value

The result