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Field computers

About the service

SIB has been supplying field computers to the Swedish power industry since 1987. We have always wanted to be brand independent and searched for the best field computers for the purpose.

Since 2015, we have switched all systems to Android as we have seen that several suppliers come with ruggedized Android devices, which makes it a better and cheaper solution for our customers.

SIB is continuously looking for the best field computers for our customers.

I also want to say that we are completely brand independent and only look for the best hardware for the purpose.

Examples of current uses

Collection and winter storage of boats

Nuclear power plant tour

Inspection of water treatment plants

We work with customers to create unique protocols according to their wishes. These protocols are then sent to Android devices where the work is done.

You always get a full history and only the items to be inspected on each unique occasion.

Blackview BV9500

Right now, we have this phone out on hard test.

The Blackview BV9500 is the king of shockproof phones. It has an IP69 rating, which means that in addition to being waterproof and shockproof, it is also pressure resistant. This phone is for those who need unparalleled durability.