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About the program

On January 1, 2024 our latest version of AvCAD will be released, which we simply call AvCAD 6. It is the 6th generation of the program.

The first release of AvCAD took place in 1991. Then the system jumped between Windows and Dos.


Includes connection to Google Maps.

Document management in PDF.

Can be upgraded to voltages up to 170kV.

Liner can be handled/phased (vertically and horizontally).

Multiple numbers of industries in the same pole.

New way to handle top rope.

Ready-made basic material kits for voltages up to 170kV

Coordinates from Sokigo.

Possibility of 3 profiles in the same line.

Possible reading from DXF files.

Posting documents on each pole.

Start the profile with a branch post.

Regulations, crossing standards, material catalogs from all suppliers, instructions.

Possibility to create specific drawings for pole objects.

All documents and catalogs are in AvCAD.

AvCAD Field

We have now developed AvCAD Field, which today works to do GPS weighing and deployment together with GPSs from TopCon & Leica.
Work with AvCAD Field in the field linked to GPS.
Do the post installation in AvCAD.
Make the layout in AvCAD Field.